The Bride Prepares



 The Throng Assembles



 A Spectator Calmly Spectates




Macomb's Haute Monde arrive





 A Confidant Groom



The Flower Girl in A State of Readiness



The Bride Comes Forth, Attended by Her Maids.




 Shannon's Final Walk as a Single Person

For those who are interested in such things (i.e. nearly everyone) I should tell you that the veil was the "borrowed" element in the wardrobe. It was worn by Shannon's friend, Rachel, at her wedding and will be worn soon by another close friend at her wedding.








 The Groom and his Groomsmen Watch The Bride Approach





 Vows are Spoken




 Newlyweds March out Together



Newlyweds are Congratulated by le Haute Monde Macomb



First Dance at the Reception



Shannon's Wedding Ring



Photos courtesy of the Fab Times staff photographer and of Fab Times special correspondent, Rod Shumaker.