The These Are (Still) Fabulous Times for September 12th, 2005

On August 14th, The Brickyard kindly held a party for newcomers and old timers.

View from the kitchen of the main house into the evening rain.

matinee idol
Matinee idol, Brian Clark, who will be appearing this fall in the WIU production of Blythe Spirit, helped hand out free computers on "Move-In Day." When not rehearsing for, or appearing in, matinees, Mr. Clark is working on a one man show about the presidency of Millard Fillmore. He is represented by The Firm.
amy carr
The Eerily Rev. Amy Carr, aka, "The Czarina," spent a good part of the summer in the Upper Peninsula, where she grew up. Like many "Yoopers," the Eerily Rev. Carr is obessesed with the U.P. so much so that cleric travels with three rocks from the U.P. in her car. See below
amy rocks rear on
The rocks above came from a place on the "...big lake they call Gicheegummee" sacred to the Eerily Rev. A. Carr. The Eerily Rev. A. Carr also has a strange device in her car whose purpose she refused to elaborate on.
What do Non Tenured Radical Feminists Eat? The Fab Times accompanied one such into theHyvee and did a little investigative reporting.
tempeh soymilk tofu
                     Tempeh                                                                                                                           And Soy Milk
And Tofu
oat port
                        and Oat Bran                                                 
And, of course, Port
cassiecassie 2
Local lithographer and fabric artist, Cassie Huffman, works on a pair of fingerless gloves.
marcy car
Current "It" Girl, local Heartthrob, Heartbreaker, and sometime Maid of Honor, Marcy Allen poses with the new love in her life, her Honda Element.
Tim Weaver with two week old Keely Weaver.
On August 20th, the drought finally broke. This view from M.M. Allen's new Element.
The Very Rich Hours of Adam Chacksfield
No cruising

Key West we ain 't (alas), but Macomb does have fabulous sunsets. Every evening there is an hour--currently beginning around 7:PM--when a pale gold light limns (how's that for vocabulary!) the town.

alien landing
Even aliens pick up our bad habits. This one was discovered lounging by the cash register at Cady's Smoke Shop (one of our favorite places in Macomb) on August 30th.
This scene of vehicular mayhem among the Macomb tiny set was observed on Walker Street between Dudley and Randolph.
Fab Times Attends The Glamour Wedding of the Summer

Local legend, local boxer, local weightlifter, local bookstore manager, local hell raiser, local croquet league founder, local local, local genius loci, local goddess, and too many other localities to mention, Stacy Peterson, married longtime boyfriend, confidante, traveling companion, and computer whiz, Roger, on August 27th. S'thembile West is pictured here reading one of two poems she wrote for the occasion. Rev. Ron Green, not pictured, officiated. Stacy plans to retire to Peoria, where she will she plot her comeback, finish her masters thesis, and practice dancing "The Madison."

The Fab Times social reporter had the fantastic good luck to attend the wedding as a cicisbeo manque to the exceedingly well traveled Nancy Kwang Johnson, late of Canada, later still of Korea, Senegal, Provence, New York City, and even Lubbock--though not in that order--and many other places besides.   Dr. Johnson is a new member of the African American Studies Department at WIU.
Stacy Peterson wore this necklace as the "something new" part of her ensemble.
Brothers Drs. Cole and Cole at party for one given by the other.


Site specific artist, Kelly Quinn, and Nancy Kwang Johnson at the Cole & Cole Party
John Curtis, farmer, husband, and, let us say it, hunk, at Cole & Cole
Karen Mauldin Curtis and Sean Meagher in conversation at Cole & Cole
Seen at Sweeney's Laundromat
Fab Times Goes to Labor Rally in Merodosia
Workers at the Celanese Boiler Factory in Merodosia have been enduring a 2 month long--and no end in sight--lock out. The Fab Times went down there on Labor Day to attend the rally.
New Faculty and Already Fast Friends, Nancy Kwang Johnshon and Julia Albarracin photographed at the home of the astrologer to the S.T.A.R.S, M.K. Homer
M.K. Homer in a suicidal moment clutching a cholesterol saturated bag of potato chips. A policeman came and talked her down.
New faculty member, Betsy Perabo, caught by the Fab Times roving (and raving) Papist on September 10th.
Bohemes Chaksfield and Rasmussen, enjoying a moment of peripatetic bliss
Summer lingers
But not for long