Saturday night, January 10th, The Phonological Investigator, the Love Object, The Kitchen Sink Realist and myself betook ourselves 25 miles south to the Princess Theater in Rushville to see Love Actually--a flick most of us loved, actually, except The Kitchen Sink Realist, who only liked it--as it wasn't, you guessed it, realistic enough. That's debatable. Not that a romance with Colin Firth (marry me!!! ), Hugh Grant (trample my heart again and again you cad--I truly do not care.), Liam Neeson (No matter what the Phonological Investigator says, he's still the cat's PJs.)  needs to be "realistic." It simply, like a poem, needs to be. And you can quote me on that.  Even The Kitchen Sink Realist enjoyed the Princess itself, however--cuz it's "for real." Ontology aside, it's also the perfect size (actually) for a single screen and the right price, $4.00. You can  get a behind-the-scenes tour if you ask for one. Bonus: the curtains open very dramatically before the movie starts.  Mona Lisa Smile, Something's Gotta Give, and Lord of the Rings are the next three movies showing at the Princess. The Friday Macomb Journal usually has an advertisement for the Princess in the comics section.