The These Are (Still) Fabulous Times

November 30th, 2003 edition

Trip to Atlanta

On November 18th, the Eerily Reverent Amy R. Carr and myself went to Atlanta. She to attend the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion; I to do that and to see old friends.

The Eerily Reverent Amy R. Carr  arrives at the station.


15 minutes later



 In Chicago





 Walking through the Loyola area we serendipitously ran into  the ebullient ex Macombian, Cathy Lawhon. She was on her way to volunteer her culinary skills at a local soup kitchen.




 The Eerily Reverent Amy R. Carr spends her down time reading Scheilermarcher


Ms. Carr shows off her new cool shoes



The Czarina chats up her ex husband, Dan, at the University of Chicago Divinity School party



I had lunch with my college girlfriend (yes, I had one), Mary Jo, now an assistant attorney general for the state of Georgia.



Home (thank God).

Trip to Maharishi University of Management

Kelly Quinn arranged a visit to Maharshie University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa. S'thembile and the Great Abstainer (sic) look on.


What I like about this picture is, it captures one of things I love most about S'thembile, her ebullience.

It's easy, too easy perhaps, to make fun of Maharshi University. The school reps were well spoken and were able to give what few universities can today, a coherent account of why they educate people the way they do. Theirs is an essentially old fashioned moral approach to education, moral both in the usual sense of that word, but also in the old sense of  an inculcated practice, in ther case, transcendental meditation. Being a product of Catholic schools, Maharshi felt oddly familiar to me. Below, is one vision of Fairfield's future.


Here we enter the male levitation dome, where the adepts practice yogic flying. There is a separate levitation dome for women. Education at Maharshi is segregated by sex. The levitation dome was a peaceful place.





On the way home, we stopped by Molly K. Homer's ancestral manse outside Fort Madison. Her mother lived here during the 1930s.



The  Obligatory Marcy M. Allen picture, this one taken at the Hyvee deii


Me looking anxious (my usual state) by Rod

The Fab Times visited the Casa Latina Open House  pix taken by FT's roving correspondent, Rod Shumaker

 Students playing "Sex Jeopardy" at Reproductive Rights Conference


David Faucheux confronts Macomb's "Wrapped Dolphins."




 Jasper Johns' "Flag"  (private collection)





The Great Abstainer (sic) in action at the Faculty Senate. Matt Blankenship (blur) conferring to the G.A. (sic's) right. Note Pepsi product placement.



Peter Cole's Housewarming Photos by Fab Times Roving Correspondents

Greg Hall wearing Gucci by Tom Ford at Peter Cole's Housewarming. Eyewear by LA Eyeworks.



Karen Peitzmeier in Prada (earrings courtesy Harry Wintson) at Peter Cole's


Peter Cole wearing Armani. Glasses by Kenneth Cole. (no relation) Hair by Fabian.


 David Faucheux in vintage Halston. Elisa Rasmussen in vintage Schiaperelli


More Observations


Kelly Quinn and Students' Mural at the Grant School



 Thanksgiving at Marcy M. Allen's











 Still More Observations

 Phonological Investigators can cook, too.


Ilon Lauer opining at Chandlers


Fab Times Flash Back Peace March Rally in Chandler Park, February 17, 2003

Marcy and her sister, Shelly. Shelly is moving to Destin, FLA. We wish her luck.




The Great Abstainer (sic) Debates Drug Policy with a Worthy Opponent


The august setting for the debate.


The Great Abstainer (sic) and his Worthy Opponent socialize collegially before the debate.


The debate begins...a little late. (wrist, watch & thumb courtesy collection of Molly K. Homer )


The Great Abstainer (sic) makes a decisive point. His Worthy Opponent (at far left) looks on stoically.

Observations Continued




On my trip I met so called cosmopolitans, who seem to think we inhabit barren landscapes whose unrelieved bleakness unleashes suicidal impulses, unfocused violent rage, alcoholism, methamphetamine abuse, high rates of domestic battery, and a propensity to collect large quantities of firearms. I contend these effete metropoles have no idea what they are talking about and to prove it I submit the landscape below, taken from the front porch of a friend's house.



David Faucheux returns to Lafayette, Louisiana on December 6th. His vast erudition, wit, and gentle nature brought joy to all who met him. Everyone who met David learned from him. We will miss him (we already miss him) and wish him a speedy return.