Happy First Macomb Anniversary, Molly!


On July 2nd, 2003 Molly K. Homer came to Macomb to interview for a job as an advisor to the Illinois Centennial Honors College. Soon, thereafter, she moved to Macomb and the rest is, as they say in Women's Studies Departments everywhere, "herstory." Over the past 335 or so days Molly has become a great friend of mine and friend to many others of us. She graces us with her intelligence, her whimsical sense of humor, her kindness, and her willingness to drive long distances in the dark of night to see movies. To send Miss Homer a congratulatory e-mail, click here.




Miss Homer before the June 26th Heritage Days (sic) Parade


Miss Homer gleefully engaging in the conspicuous consumption of consumer electronics at the Heritage Days (sic) Festival (sic)


Miss Homer in a pensive moment.



Like many we know, Miss Homer holds strong beliefs. Above are signs for two causes she feels passionately about. "When I came to Macomb, "she once said to me in a confiding moment, "and saw all the signs, I knew I'd be happy here."