Happy Birthday Marcy!


Marcy Allen recently had a birthday. When one thinks of Miss Allen the following words come to mind: stupendous, prodigious, phenomenal; extraordinary, remarkable, exceptional; astounding, amazing, astonishing, fantastic, breathtaking, overwhelming, staggering, inconceivable, unimaginable, incredible, unbelievable.  Usually, though, we simply think of her as fabulous.  On June 21st, the estimable Suzan Czechowski (who is headed to the East Coast as I write) threw a party for Miss Allen at Chandlers. The Fabtimes was there and took the photo below which shows Miss Allen in a characteristically mirthful pose.  To send Miss Allen a note, click here.






One of the things we love about Marcy is she is often smiling.




Not that she isn't above being silly.




Or simply glamorous. Here Miss Allen hides from the paparazzi (me.)