The These Are Still Fabulous Times for March 11, 2006
Images of Life as it is Lived (for the most part happily enough) in the Middle of the Middle of Nowhere
Gloria Delaney Barnum

Gloria Delaney-Barnum at Aurelios for Triple Birthday Party for C.T., Kelly, and Melanie. Gloria later had a girl.

nanster ring
  alley circle
Table Grove Grocery Sign
sean genovese biodeisel

                           Sean Genovese Discussing the Fine Points of Biodiesel Investing at Susan Czechowski's. In December I was thinking aobut investing in biodeisel. (I am capitalist scum, but the right sort of capitalist scum). I read in the Wall Street Journal  that American biodeisel is more expensive ($55.00 a barrel) than oil. But Brazilian biodeisel is cheaper than both at about $21.00 a barrel. Sugar cane makes cheaper diesel than corn. But the same subsidies that protect American sugar keep out Brazilian biodeisel. I'll stick to wind power.                                 

why we love the aclu
Why We Love the ACLU  (somewhere in Alabama)
ford hopkins
Ford Hopkins In December
Elisa Rasmussen making a point
stacey peterson
Stacey Peterson at the Old Dairy, working on her Masters Thesis, a very close reading of Fats Domino's "Blueberry Hill."
amy carr
The Eerily Reverent Miss Carr approaches the famous "Leaning Chaple" of Vermont, Illinois
karmic wheel
Karmic Wheel found in Family Video's lot
Paris, Illinois
Late Imperial Rhetoric
cady's chair
Seen Behind Cady's Smoke Shop on the Square
jeff biggers
Jeff Biggers signing his new book at Copperfields Book Service
hye su
Hye Su Park in Tom Ford at Jeff Biggers' signing
andrew's hands
Andrew Whitehurst, one of my oldest friends. Andrew works for the state of Mississippi as an environmental lawyer.
carving ducks
Andrew likes to carve duck decoys. 
highway 116
Highway 116 Between Farmington and 41 Intersection
chrisman cow
Detail of Cow Mural in Chrisman, Illinois
macomb sunset
Sunset over Macomb, January 16
Nice to see the word "Cobbler"
post office
Randolph Street at the Post Office (November)
let's party
Vincennes, Indiana
pine bluff arkansas
what amy carr saw
Found by Amy Carr in Vermont, Illinois
oakwood abbey
Oakwood Abbey Columbarium, Macomb
another macomb sunset
Another Winter Sunset
late one afternoon
Highway 116 toward dark
bab y
disney indians
Walt Disney World mural of Native Americans
disney lovecraft

Tiny Cthulu Seen at Walt Disney World

disney order
amy carr's memorial to her cousin

Amy Carr's Household Memorial to her Cousin, Fran

lost property
west carrol leaf
laura's hands
lovecraft in macomb
Proof (if needed) that Lovecraft was a Realist (Macomb Window)
another sunset
restaurant mural
lady bug
Portrait of a Lady (bug)
model intellectual
The Very Model of a Modern Major Intellectual Caught Gazing At a Model (in W)
prom sign