Kelley Quinn and Co. unveil new mandala at Grant School on April 30, 2004
On April 30, Fabtimes special correspondent, the divine, the marvelous, and, quite naturally, even inevitably, fabulous, K.B.S., and myself, braved a walk through campus and across the local environ to view the new mandala. As you can see it's beautiful.


Vajo explains the process of creating the mandala to K.B.S, the Fabtimes special correspondent. The mandala is designed to last 30 to 40 years--and may last much longer. It was created by Kelley Quinn and students from Grant Alternative Jr/Sr. High using pottery shards from Hagar pottery. The students designed the mandala under Kelley's direction. Vajo created the frame/anchor for the mandala. This is the 2nd ceramic mandala Kelley and the students have created. Kelley's next project is a labyrinth.










Portrait of the artist/teacher.