Collection Development Summer Camp Photos
Wanee Theater / Kewanee
The Wanee Theater in Kewanee. .
Friedrick Center / University of Wisconsin
Friederick Center
This is where the Collection Development "Summer Camp" is headquartered and where I am staying--in room 207. I like its late fifties international style machine-for-living Bauhousian starkness. Rumor has it the third floor rooms have refrigerators. Oh and the interior walls are a lovely institutional pistachio like the parochial schools of my now far distant youth.
path behind the friederick center
This is the walk by the lake that takes you to restaurant land (20 minutes).
the classroom building
The lower two windows of this bit of Mies Van der Rohe inspired aluminum and stone belong to the classroom where I am learning and relearning the dark arts of collection development.
husnus restaurant
Turkish / Italian restaurant where I ate Sunday night. I had the curried lamb and rice pudding for desert. Tomorrow night I am thinking of Afghani food.