The These Are Still Fabulous Times for August 10th, 2005
Local vernacular art, a memorial to U.S. Airmen seen at dusk
confederate memorial
Racist Nativist Vernacular Shrine, seen in Russel, Arkansas. 
macomb confderate
Racial Nativist Display Seen in Macomb, Illinois
rusted barrel
Peter "Scar Calf" Cole's new book of labor history has been accepted by the University of Illinois Press. (Acceptance e-mail in lower right hand corner) Peter is shown here working on revisions. No doubt we will soon read about Amanda "Binky" Urban signing him up.
river market
Preperations for Fab Times Tea House of a Mad Summer's 4/5ths Moon party
adam 1
adam 2
Retiree, Anarchist, and Private Investor, Adam Chacksfield , makes lemon juice
pup 1
Elisa Rasmussen, baby sitter of the beau monde, does something crucial with garlic
Key to the Fab Times' Tea House of a Mad Summer's 4/5ths Moon party.
Missing in/the Action: Current "It" Girl, Marcy Allen; Matinee Idol Brian Clark (currently appearing in Rushville in a musical comedy version of Ibsen's Ghosts); Peter "Scar Calf" Cole; C.T. Weiss (in loco parentis that night); C.T. Weiss (in loco parentis that night) and others too bashful to mention.
Richard, one of the men who polishes the brass doors on the Arkansas State Capitol. It takes both men all week to finish polishing all the doors. The Arkansas humidity causes the doors to oxidize quickly. As a result, they must begin repolishing the doors on Monday. They have to polish the inside of the doors twice a year.
Garden of Burt Sorkey
black eyed susans
elephant ear
tiger lillie
Things Observed
Macomb Noir
Copperfields is closing. We will miss Miss Stacey Peterson...
William Thompson's keys
Roses From the Garden of Phyllis Rippey
Seen on Madison Street
wow powwow
The Panjandrums of W.O.W. called a meet. Plots, counterplots and over-the-counter plots hatched.
Molly K. Homer, Astrologer Royal to those who study the S.T.A.R.S., brazenly makes out with one of the Billionaire Smiley Face twins.
Tim and Michelle Weaver (note her dazed expression) are expecting a baby soon (like next week).
A Metaphor Espied outside of La Harpe
4:50 AM
The Fab Times Visits Erin Easterling At Work
The Fab Times recently had occasion to visit one of our favorite fabutons, Erin Easterling, at work in University Relations where she solves, and sometimes causes, problems. To know Erin is to fall under the spell of her charm, wit, and big up intelligence. We also like the fact that she, like we, hails from the Southland.

Here Erin multitasks by simultaneously modeling the expanding universe, her preferred choke hold technique, the mating habits of the Praying Mantis (on which is an authority--at least in comparison to us), and her Meyers Briggs score. Erin is having a baby, her first, in October.

Speaking of Praying Mantises, this one was seen on the sidewalk by Malpass Library
Molly K Homer in The Trail of Cthulu
Like Peter Cole, Molly K. Homer (Astrologer Royal to Those-Whose-Destinies-Are-Ruled-by-S.T. A. R. S. and consort of the billionaire Smiley Face twins) is attracted to travel in perilous places. Last Sunday, she led an expedition into the two acre forest behind Everly Park and invited the Fab Times to come along as the official photographer.
Here, deep in the heart of darkness, is where Molly took the path less taken (to the right) and passed beyond the point of no return.
Molly bravely entered a dim lit, hyporborean world of nameless, cyclopean terror.
A crashing sound was heard, an abombinal chirping began to in the trees, an innominate dread and grande mal heebie-jeebie clouded our minds and Molly Pointed to a shuddering horror, one of them whose name must not be rhymed! We shouted apothogems of horror above the insane chirping, "Where the hell is Sean Genovese or Margaret Sinex when you need them?"  Margaret was in Toronto and Sean--we saw him tootle by in his Prius...
  Deep in the heart of the heart of darkness, Molly ponders whether to proceed. Her face shrouded in nacreous shadow. A nameless fear gives way to a gibbering horror, intersecting with epistemic dread.
Molly is ambushed by eldritch stinging nettles--which, by the way, really do sting. She grimaces in abject terror but pushes on.
After the attack, Molly's leg began to change, to mutate, to become frog like. We applied cortizone and good vibes and the effect subsided, but she continually talks of returning to the two acre wood. My ancestors are there she says in a wierdly chirping whistle...
Meanwhile... the season of mellow fruitfulness is on its way...