Hye Su Park's Adventures in an Obscure Corner of America
hi mom
Hye Su reading
Hye Su reading in the morning on December 10th
Hye Su and Elisa
Hye Su and Elisa Rasmussen
hye su's friend, Julie and her husband.
Hye Su with Julie and Julie's husband.
christmas card writing
Hye Su Works on a Christmas Card at The Old Dairy, an Internet Cafe and Coffeshop
hye su in snow
hye su in more snow
hye su and hye young
hye su
Hye Su in the local park
hye su holds a plastic chicken
hye su in the library
hye su tae kwan do
Hye Su Practices Martial Arts in Peoria
hye su by a wall in Peoria
hye su and her bike in front of post office
Hye Su enjoying the late winter warmth
Hye Su at Palermos
Hye Su at the recently re-opened Palermo's restaurant
hye su after midnight
Hye Su at the Shell station outside Monmouth after midnight
hye su at nancy kwang johnson's
Hye Su at Nancy Kwang Johnson's House Warming Party
hye su painting
psychadelic war protester, hye su
Hye Su Protests the War in Iraq
hye su and friend at war protest
Hye Su and her friend, Jee Eun, another Korean exchange student
hye su and her former conversation partner
Hye Su with her Former Conversation Partner (now interning in Bellville, Illinois)
hye sue at night
Hye Su Noir
hye su noir
hye su noir 2
hye su noir 3
noir 4
noir 5
noir 6
noir 7
noir 8
noir 9
hye su in harsh light
hye su in harsh light two
hye su in low light
Hye Su's April 15th Party (Spicy Noodles II)
table setting
We used one of Elisa's Dresses as a table runner
hye su making noodles
hye su cutting something
hye su at the garage sale
Hye Su poses with a fan at the Garage Sale on April 22. The fan later sold for twenty-five cents.
hye su glamour
hye su
hye su flowers

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hye su reading critical inquiry
Hye Su Reading braniac journal, Critical Inquiry
hye su in neon
Neon Hye Su
hye su open
Hye Su at Palermo's Sandwich Shop
hye su at art shop
Hye Su at local art show
hye su in Newark Concouse C gate 41 A
Hye Su's reflection photographed at Concourse C Gate 41 A of Newark International Airport
final picture of hye su

Final Picture of Hye Su, taken in the early hours of June 12, prior to her return to South Korea.

Farewell, Hye Su, your American family misses you.

Hye Su plans to return to Macomb in July 2007.