CT and Tracy's Wedding / July 21. 2007
Tracy and Maid of Honor Prepare
Erin Easterling
Sean Genovese Staring Down the Paparazzi
Ilon, Anne, and the Heir Apparent
World (but not world-weary) Travelers Peter Cole and Heather Brady
Kelly Quinn acknowledging the Press
Sidney Takes the Long Walk
The Bride Approaches the Altar
Handfasting Ceremony
Sand Ceremony
Bradley and Madeline watch the ceremony
Newlyweds March Out to Applause
A Kiss Before Greeting the Hordes of Well Wishers
Shiraz and Madeline Trip the Light Fantastic at the Reception
Bachelorettes Reach for the Bouquet (the Maid of Honor Caught It)
Then Everyone Went Back to the Hotel (We Think)