The Fab Times was summoned to the College Bowl on Saturday. Usually we don't go bowling--not because bowling isn't fabulous. It definitively is. But the bowlers we know seem to like to enjoy bowling in the middle of the night, which for us means any time after 8:47 PM.  However, as this was a special night, we rummaged around in our desk and found a couple of White Crosses. Pretty soon we  almost feel young again. Next, we met up with the Phonological Investigator, who regularly stays up till 10:PM, listening to the Electric Light Orchestra and, so, knows all about Night Life.


The Phonological Investigator, as part of her tutorial on Night Life, demonstrated how to pick up a bowling ball.




Carrie is leaving Macomb--and she's not the only one, but that's for another day. Carrie teleported to Macomb last summer, and so quickly became a necessary part of our lives that it seems she's always been lighting them up  with her ready smile, intelligence, her passion for life and compassion for others.  April 2nd, however, will find her headed south to fabled Athens, Georgia, her former and future home, where she will matriculate--as people really like to say in Faculty Senate--in the University of Georgia's graduate education program.








Style maven, Susan Czechowski,  made tee-shirts for her cronies.



It was also Karen's birthday. Karen is one of the more remarkable (not to say fabulous) people we know. She is also one of the kindest and the right person to call if you are trapped in the pathless wilderness, like Wal-Mart.



 Marcy and Susan dancing to Outkast. We were told this is called, "shaking it like a Polaroid picture."




Susan takes aim, before launching into her unique, and uniquely terrifying, aerial style of bowling.


He Who Has No Nickname (just call him 'Peter Cole') dominated the lanes.


Even so Gayla very nearly beat He Who Has No Nickname, bowling 150 in her second set.



The Phonological Investigator beams after making a strike.



When not bowling, the Phonological Investigator conspicuously engaged in Night Life. Her she is caught having a Serious  Conversation with Ed. I believe they were discussing how a possible shortage of  prime numbers might effect the presidential election. At least I hope that's what they were talking about. It's all I can think about.


The coquettish M. M. Allen, being the same.


 Our (me, my, mine) boyfriend shows up unexpectedly. He gives Ann his endorsement.


Macomb's next State's Attorney