Anne Burton's Fundraiser 03/30/2004


Anne Burton held a fundraiser for her State's Attorney Campaign. Knowing a fabulous candidate when we see one, the Fab Times attended.


On the walk to Sullivan and Taylor's the Phonological Investigator rejoices in the warm(ish) weather.



 Marcy Does the Write (the check) Thing


And so does Elisa


Susan signs on board (she also designed the campaign tee shirt)


 And so does Karen


Anarchist (and Great Abstainer(sic)) Adam Chacksfield lent his support, too, even though, being British (not to mention an anarchist)  he cannot vote. Still, it's the thought that counts.




 The Candidate and her media guru




Carrie helped to cater the event



Ann addresses a rapt crowd



The result? Thunderous applause.



Dandy, boulevardier, and raconteur, Greg Hall, dropped by.


 The truly fab Kelly Quinn (and Kelly, we LOVE, no, we ADORE THE NEW HAIRCUT!!!!) made an epiphany. The always already interesting Ms. Quinn's new project is designing a labyrinth for one of the city parks.


And we can't (and won't) forget Ilon.


Or that it really is Spring. Good-bye Carrie. We love you--and we'll visit.