The These Are (Still) Fabulous Times for September 7th, 2004


                             You're Welcome                                                        






   Macomb Noir



It's Still Summer but...



Autumn is Coming Nearer



Sweeny's Laundromat--"Where Clean Clothes Get That Way!"



 Anne Burton, and Friends, March In  Bushnell

August 26th




 Fanatical Members of a Highly Disciplined Political Cadre Gathered at the High School




Win-At-Any-Cost Campaign Manager Doles Out Agitprop to a Disciplined Cadre



Bass Playing Member of the Local Pinko Intelligentsia Thinks Wobbly Thoughts



 Barely Restrained Rabid Feminist (love the glasses, Kelly) Member of Cadre




Speaking of which--Rabid Anne Burton Supporters



And Rabbit Supporter (okay--so I took this picture in Macomb)

 Anne Burton Reaching Out to Voters

Anne Burton Karmically Connecting With The Voters


 Art in Bushnell



 Life Imitating Art in Bushnell


Back in Macomb

 The 26th was also Marty Dupuis' Birthday


 Meanwhile, the students had returned




Saturday I returned to Bushnell to visit with Rod. I admired his Cool Lamps.


Things Observed







 La Pequentia in Monmouth, good, and inexpensive, food. They also sell "Mexican Coke," which is sweeter than our own.




  Non Descript to the Point of Self  Parody (alleged) Location for Homeland Security and DEA Taskforce on  West Jackson